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About Us

We Proudly Own No Cookie Cutters

The About Us page is typically the page on any given web site were a company would brag how long we've been in business or how they might have been started by their grandfather in a garage out back and built into a multi-million dollar empire or that we're the nations largest alarm company with a zillion employees and a massive fleet of trucks...  or whatever is the typically the standard About Us web page script is these days.

Sorry, we won't do that here.  What you will find is a basic
You will find comprehensive support for many common and uncommon issues in our searchable support area, including manuals for the alarm systems and low voltage systems we support.

Millennium Security Systems, LLC was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2011by Bob Simonson, Jr. and his wife Kristin Simonson, because they believed that consumers were paying too much for their alarm monitoring services.  Millennium Security currently offers alarm monitoring services of an existing system starting at the very popular and competitive rate of $15 a month for dial up service, and $25 a month for GSM or Cell Radio. Millennium Security installed their first customer in November 2011 in winter of 2011, a small "mom & pop" restaurant less than a mile from their home in Cutlerville, Michigan. Since then they have added more customers including a Michigan based restaurant franchise group, with store locations from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio to Traverse City, Michigan. 

Any business that engages in the installation, maintenance, alteration, monitoring or servicing of security alarm systems in Michigan is regulated under Public Act  380 of 1968, State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs - Regulated/licensed Professions Division; License # MI-3601206356
Bob Simonson
Operating Manager & Problem Solver
With a background in radio broadcasting starting in 1979 that included everything from on air to production, management, technical support and even the assisting of building a 5 tower 50,000 AM radio station in a major market, Bob never stopped learning, and the top two things he learned is #1, is listening to the end user; the consumer.  #2 is that there are no cookie cutter solutions.  "It’s like having a calling. You really don’t have a choice. I’ve always needed to find solutions and put them into action.”  says Bob.  "Too many low voltage integrators and alarm companies are too quick to grab the one size fits all paradigm.  Every situation is different and you need to listen to what a customer is REALLY saying to meet their needs.  We are a smaller company for a reason.  We don't believe in volume.  We believe in quality.  Every customer has my personal cell number and home number for a reason.  Because we own no cookie cutters".  Contact Bob directly here
Kristin Simonson
Customer Support & The Real Boss
Having grown up in US Air Force, Kristin learned the importance of service and commitment from her father who served our country for 20 years retiring as a Master Sergeant, who then served another 20 years for the Department of Defense.  It was his commitment to service that Kristin learned the importance of commitment and doing it right the first time, and if there is an issue, resolving that issue on the first call.  "Give me a problem and I am excited to find a solution. I have always loved numbers and figuring things out and as Customer Support have been able to exercise that solution based attitude" says Kristin. Her experience includes AAFES, The Army & Air Force Exchange Service, the retailer on U.S. Army and Air Force installations worldwide. The Exchange is headquartered in Dallas, Texas as start up manager for restaurant kiosks at bases through out the United States.  From there, she served as a Credit Manager at Adams-Mark Hotels in Dallas and St. Louis.  Kristin is currently lives a dual life as Accounts Receivable Cash Applications in the Canadian division of Gordon Food Services, the nations largest privately owned, family operated intuitional food distributor in the United States.  Kristin can be reached by e-mail here.
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